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June 23, 2019

Seafood Souq has launched!

Sean Dennis
Co-Founder, Seafood Souq

Years of learnings and nearly 12 months of dedicated work from a team passionate to improve the Seafood industry has brought us to this moment. The launch of Seafood Souq.

If you’ve been following our story from the start you’ll have heard about our 5 pillars that formed the framework for how we aim to revolutionize the Seafood industry.

Efficiency, Choice, Value, Traceability, Transparency.

These are exciting times for Seafood buyers in the UAE who for the first time have access to an online marketplace that gives the ability to order direct from both international & local Seafood producers.

As for sellers, they now have the opportunity to easily access a new market and buyers with the ability to promote their brand directly.

“An important feature that this marketplace provides at this stage is the reassurance for sellers, buyers and consumers that their product is arriving in optimum quality with 100% traceability by being delivered direct from source”

The gap has officially been bridged to connect buyers and sellers direct through our open, free and transparent marketplace.

We’re just getting started and there’s lots more to come as we grow and learn more from our ongoing customer conversations to increase product range, platform capabilities and features.

In order to celebrate our launch we invited a select group of Seafood buyers, sellers, investors, stakeholders and partners to Seafood Souq HQ in Dubai.

This was the opportunity to showcase our now live platform with a demo from our product team and hear a few words from CEO & Co-founder Sean Dennis on Seafood Souq and how we are moving forward with transforming the Seafood industry.

We’d like to thank all those who attended and continue to support us with the same passion that our team operates with.

Here are some pictures from the event!

The DXB Seafood Souq team
The DXB Seafood Souq team

Sean Dennis
Co-Founder, Seafood Souq

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