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July 2, 2020

Logistics Executive Business Insights Vodcast

Sophie Hunter-James
Director – SFS Trace

We joined Logistics Executive for the latest episode of their Business Insights series to talk about our digital transformation of the seafood supply chain.

Seafood Souq CEO & Co-founder Sean Dennis had a virtual sit down with Kim Winter Global CEO of Logistics Executive to look at how we have been fortunate to experience massive growth in these difficult times and discuss:

  • Eliminating fraud in the seafood industry
    Diving into some of the unsettling seafood fraud figures, how the Seafood Souq eCommerce marketplace functions differently to the traditional distribution model, and why reducing the number of steps in the supply chain to give direct from source procurement provides more efficiency and full product transparency.
  • Enhancing traceability through the use of digital tools
    Discussing the inhouse technology we’ve been working on such as SFS Trace that tracks products from Sea to B to minimise seafood fraud and ensure optimum product quality and how we’re creating a digital hub for traceability information that business buyers can pass on to end consumers.
  • Encouraging responsible sourcing and utilising data to minimise wastage
    The entire team is passionate about looking after our oceans and sustainable practices, we discuss how the digital ecosystem we are creating gives buyers the tools and information they need to source responsibly and how many of the different verticals of this ecosystem contribute to reducing wastage and improving sustainability of seafood supplies for future generations.

Watch the full Vodcast here

Sophie Hunter-James
Director – SFS Trace

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