May 26, 2021

Fish stories – Scottish Seafood

Valeria Mendez
Trace Associate

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Scotland’s seafood industry is built on heritage & family, passing down values and expertise through generations, that have worked hard to maintain the quality and popularity of their seafood consistently through the years.

As custodians of the sea, Scottish fishermen are passionate about sustaining the rich marine environment from which they make a living. It goes beyond knowing the origin of the product, the real insights come from the story behind every catch that makes the seafood on our plate worth every bite.

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At Seafood Souq we’ve used technology to bring transparency in a traditional murky supply chain providing a way for people to trace their seafood and discover the story of their fish.

The demand for traceability in the seafood sector continues to increase as consumers become more aware of the benefits of knowing where the food on their plate comes from. Besides knowing the country of origin, buyers and end consumers still lack visibility on catch methods and the sustainable or lack of sustainable practices used throughout the process.

‘Traceability is the precursor to Sustainability’
says Seafood Souq CEO & Co-founder, Sean Dennis

We’re all too aware of the necessity for sustainability within the seafood industry but without visibility on who your product comes from and how , how can any of us be expected to make responsible buying decisions?

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Today we’re going to take a look at Seafood from Scotland we’re proud to provide a digital platform for these seafood producers to sell direct to buyers in the UAE and share their story that contributes to the sustainable, high quality seafood that is associated with Seafood from Scotland.


G & J Jack Seafoods

G & J Jack seafoods have been in the fishing industry for over 100 years, Seafood has been running through the Jack family’s blood for generations to now the 5th generation of trading. Impressively, their commitment and passion for the industry continue to feed families not only in Scotland but now all over the world.

There are a lot of smaller businesses in the industry, so it can be easy to overlook our importance. But actually, everyone is important. People don’t understand how much it means to the small villages on the coastline. We have 100 staff – they spend their wages in town, buy houses in and around Fraserburgh. And I know it’s the same for our competitors. The number of jobs in this area that are connected to this industry, it’s everybody’s livelihood.

For our family – and so many fishing families – it’s in our blood. My great-great-grandmother Bessie used to walk around the local villages in the 1940s with a creel of fish on her back. She passed her business down to her two sons after WWII, and it’s gone straight down the family line ever since. It’s been through 5 generations now, and each one has worked to grow the company.

G & J Jack Seafoods

Tobermory Trout

Tobery Trout is a female-led, true family business, operating for over 40 years and proud to continue serving their loyal customers.  

My grandparents were pioneers of the fish farming industry and in 1971 founded the Tobermory Fish Farm in a little stream in their back garden. When bigger companies began fish farming, grandpa created a recipe with his much-loved trout to make it extra special. This is where Tobermory Trout was born. We get calls from people whose grandparents ordered from us for Christmas, they’ve now passed away but the family wants to carry on the tradition

Sally MacColl, Director @tobermoryfishco

Isle of Mull Oysters

Isle of Mull Oysters has been a family business for years, producing small quantities of oysters since 1990. Their passion and desire to provide the best oyster quality possible has remained intact, always looking for new ways to improve.

I don’t think people realise just how sustainable and environmentally sound shellfish farming is. It’s a natural process relying solely on the nutrients found in the sea and has been proven to improve water quality. We just assume people know this and perhaps should be pushing this message home a bit harder.

Gordon believes there is a misconception around when shellfish can be consumed, he truly relies on the industry’s well-regulated regimes when it comes to testing,

If you can buy it, you can eat it.

– Gordon Turnbull, Owner Isle of Mull Oysters #fishstoriesofscotland

Isle of Mull Oysters

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Valeria Mendez
Trace Associate

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