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/A Collaborative Initiative by Seafood Souq and IPNLF

Bringing together technology, sustainability, and tradition. In partnership with the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF), we present a promising leap toward a new source of Sustainable Yellow Fin Tuna sourcing from the vast Omani coastline. Anchored in the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this initiative sought to prove how through collaboration we can vastly improve artisanal fisheries and chart a responsible course for the global seafood market.

/Unveiling Omani Potential

Nestled along Oman's 3,165-kilometer coastline lies an untapped treasure trove of marine biodiversity. A tradition of artisanal fishing has thrived in these waters, steered by the skilled hands of Omani fishers. Yet, the incredible potential of Omani tuna largely remains confined to domestic markets and as a lower grade product.

/Initiative Objectives

Equip Omani fishers with the skills and knowledge to transform Omani handline tuna into top-quality "Grade-A" produce.

Pave the way for Omani Handline fishers to enter the international stage as suppliers of sashimi and sushi-grade tuna.

Source premium Omani sashimi-grade tuna for global markets through an efficient and traceable cold chain.

Collaborate with fisheries and governments to enhance their fisheries and make sustainable seafood sourcing a reality, supporting United Nations SDGs.

In the pursuit of elevating Omani tuna to international acclaim, Seafood Souq, in collaboration with Ocean Experts and IPNLF, undertook a 20-day mission to empower Omani fishers.

Elevating Omani Tuna

From Can Grade to Sashimi Grade

This ambitious project aimed to transform Omani handline tuna into a "Grade-A" sashimi Yellow Fin Tuna product, overcoming challenges in a global seafood landscape dominated by longline catches and lacking cold chain knowledge. The successful pilot initiative not only enhanced the quality of Omani tuna but also paved the way for Omani Handline fishers to become international suppliers of sashimi and sushi grade tuna. With the implementation of an efficient and traceable cold chain, this seafood now meets global demand, marking a significant stride in bridging Omani tuna to the world stage.

"At Seafood Souq, sustainability is at the heart of our technology-driven journey. Our partnership in Masirah, Oman, highlights the potential of collaboration in transforming an entire industry. Through this initiative, we proudly support four of the United Nations SDGs: Zero Hunger, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life Below Water." Sean Dennis, CEO & Co-founder, Seafood Souq

Positive Impacts Beyond Measure, A Step Towards UN SDG's

This project champions the ideals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Paris Agreement. By steering toward sustainable management and focusing on social and environmental responsibility, it contributes to a more equitable and sustainable world. The project's triumphant outcomes are:

An Enhanced Quality Product: A remarkable rise in product quality has secured Omani tuna's place in the international market

Reduced Seafood  Wastage: Waste in the supply chain has reduced to zero benefiting both the environment and economics

Environmental Responsibility: Oman provides the world with a responsibly sourced product with low environmental impact

Empowered Omani Fishers: Omani fishers have been equipped with the skills and knowledge to positively transform their Operations.

Your quest for sustainable seafood sourcing begins here.

Watch our short documentary below, which offers an immersive look into the incredible journey of this initiative.

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