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/Revolutionizing the supply chain

In the realm of B2B seafood supply, the pursuit of sustainability, transparency, and efficiency has never been more critical. Maersk, the world's largest and most renowned logistics and shipping giant, recognizes the significance of these factors, and they've joined forces with our state-of-the-art seafood traceability technology, SFS Trace, to create an end-to-end solution that comprehensively covers every aspect of the seafood supply chain.

/ Source-to-Delivery Traceability

In this groundbreaking collaboration, SFS Trace and Maersk provide B2B customers with comprehensive source-to-delivery tracking. SFS Trace's technology records every aspect of the seafood supply chain to GDST standards, ensuring confident tracing from sourcing to delivery. This level of traceability not only ensures B2B import/export compliance but also empowers businesses to build trust by sharing valuable information with end consumers


Enhance  Transparency : Customers access vital info on source, location, and seafood tracking. This data transparency ensures compliance and builds trust with end consumers.

Reduce Supply Chain Wastage : Accurate temp monitoring minimizes spoilage, reducing wastage and associated costs, positively impacting the bottom line.

Safeguard Product Quality: Seafood arrives in prime condition, preserving quality and value. B2B customers confidently offer high-quality seafood to consumers.

Simplify Export Compliance: Meeting traceability requirements becomes seamless with our integrated solution, ensuring regulatory compliance.

SFS Trace's vertically integrated seafood traceability and Maersk's Captain Peters tech are seamlessly bridging oceans. Through this partnership, we're transforming the seafood industry, tackling some of the biggest supply chain challenges.

1 IN 5 fish don't make it to the plate

/ Reducing wastage

Maintaining the optimal temperature for seafood during transit is crucial. Maersk's Captain Peters technology fills this vital gap by providing real-time temperature tracking of their shipments minimizing risk of spoilage and ensuring that seafood arrives at its destination in optimal condition, preserving its value and quality. Integrating this valuable data into our SFS Traceability tool provides an additional layer of security for B2B customers  as well as making sure that every fish makes it to the plate.

This partnership is not merely a project; it's a solemn commitment to transforming the B2B seafood supply landscape. It's an assurance that the industry's future will be both sustainable and efficient, with limitless possibilities. Together, we're sailing towards a greener horizon in the world of seafood supply, bridging the gap between B2B compliance and end consumer transparency, all while fostering trust and responsible consumption.

a turning point for seafood trade

Seafood traders can benefit from a source-to-delivery traceability solution that encompasses real-time temperature monitoring but also equips businesses to optimize their supply chain and reduce wastage.

Enhanced Transparency

Reduced Wastage

Protected Product Quality

Simplified Compliance

/For A Sustainable Future For Our Oceans

Through this partnership we chart an extraordinary course for the B2B seafood supply industry.  Redefining sustainability, transparency, and efficiency. This isn't just a project; it's a commitment to revolutionizing the seafood supply landscape, ensuring a future that is both sustainable and efficient, with endless possibilities for responsible consumption and industry trust.

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