Digitizing South African Tuna Fishing

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Worlds first GDST e-logbook for pole and line caught tuna

We've developed the world's first GDST (Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability) digital logbook, fully integrated into the innovative SFS Trace traceability technology to improve operations for one of South Africa’s largest Pole and Line Tuna fisheries. A game-changer, not only for South African Tuna fisheries but for seafood operations worldwide. Let's delve into this transformation and explore the value it brings to the industry.

ICV Africa

ICV Africa, a renowned name in South Africa's tuna fishing sector, has been a steadfast contributor to the industry's growth and sustainability. With a rich history deeply embedded in traditional fishing practices, ICV Africa has consistently upheld the values of responsible and ethical fishing in a commitment to preserving the ocean's delicate balance.Our partnership with ICV Africa has been pivotal in bringing forth the world's first GDST digital logbook for Pole and Line Tuna Fishery. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards transforming the industry into a beacon of sustainability and traceability.

/Initiative Objectives

Streamline traditional tuna fishery manual record keeping processes

Produce valuable data intelligence  to improve operations

Simplify export compliance to meet traceability requirements

Drive a shift towards a sustainable seafood industry that protects our oceans and resources

Embracing Technlogy for Improved Efficiency

For generations, the industry has adhered to traditional methods, relying on manual processes for documentation, record-keeping, and traceability. While these age-old practices hold a certain charm, they have proven to be laborious, making it cumbersome to review, share, and utilize vital data. In light of these challenges, our team embarked on a journey to usher in a new era, where technology would alleviate the burden of record-keeping and champion responsible and traceable seafood sourcing.

The shift toward digital logbooks and traceability technology is not just a leap forward for the South African tuna fishery; it's a leap toward a more sustainable and responsible seafood industry. By embracing this technology, South African fisheries are not only safeguarding their livelihoods but also protecting the oceans and resources for future generations.

A Pioneering Solution for Fisheries and Vessel Operators

SFS Trace provides a robust platform for managing multiple fishing vessels and trips, enabling detailed tracking of fishing events and catch records.

Efficient Trip Logging: Precision planning, real-time recording of fishing trips, and detailed catch tracking.

Multi-Vessel Management: Seamlessly manage logs for multiple vessels, ideal for fleet operations.

Intuitive UI Design: User-friendly interface without compromising functionality for all proficiency levels.

Data Capture Excellence: Capture vital catch information for informed decision-making and reporting.

For a Sustainable Future For Our Oceans

Streamlining operations, enhancing traceability, opening up global markets and ensuring compliance with international standards. This project goes beyond economic empowerment, it marks a transformative step toward a more sustainable and responsible future, setting new benchmarks for seafood operations worldwide.

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