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Situated on the westernmost tip of the African continent, Senegal stands as a captivating fusion of ancient traditions and breathtaking natural beauty. Known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant history, this West African nation has carved out a unique identity while preserving its connection to its past. But beyond its cultural tapestry, Senegal boasts a coastline that stretches for nearly 500 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean, offering an unspoiled playground of sandy beaches, hidden coves, and captivating marine life.

/Preserving livelihoods with sfs trace

The  Atlantic Ocean plays a central role in the lives of its people. For generations, local fishermen have depended on it, not only for their livelihoods but as stewards of the sea. However, this relationship between man and ocean is under threat, and one of the most significant challenges they face comes from illegal foreign trawlers that imperil their fish stocks and, consequently, their ability to earn a living. In response, the SFS Trace initiative emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering Senegalese fishermen with a global market route and advanced traceability technology, safeguarding their way of life and promoting responsible sourcing.

/Initiative objectives

Establish Global Market Access: Facilitate international market connections for Senegalese fishermen, expanding their reach and increasing income.

Implement Advanced Traceability Technology: Integrate cutting-edge tracking and labeling to enable consumers to trace seafood origin directly to the local fishermen.

Promote Sustainability: Emphasise sustainable fishing practices, responsible sourcing, and adherence to international guidelines, showing commitment to ocean preservation.

Drive Economic Empowerment: Provide fair market prices and access to global markets, enhancing the economic well-being of fishing communities and reinforcing the social fabric of coastal regions.

Local Senegalese fishermen are not just passive victims of this crisis; they are passionate advocates for the protection and sustainability of their beloved ocean. Many of these fishermen are dedicated to adhering to quotas, promoting responsible fishing practices, and giving the ocean time to rest and recover. They also recognise the importance of providing a fixed percentage of their catch to local communities, contributing to the food security of the region.

Local Fishermen– Guardians of the ocean

Illegal Trawlers: A Grave Threat to Senegalese Fishermen

Illegal foreign trawlers have emerged as a grave threat to Senegalese fishermen. These rogue vessels often operate outside the boundaries of international agreements, exploiting the fish stocks in Senegalese waters without regard for sustainable fishing practices. The consequence of this unchecked exploitation is depletion of fish stocks, making it increasingly challenging for local fishermen to make ends meet. These foreign trawlers not only deplete the seas but also threaten the traditional way of life of the Senegalese fishermen.

Senegalese fisheries make substantial contributions to the national economy, but have been suffering because of illegal foreign trawlers in the region. Through traceability we want to support and champion the local fisheries by providing transparency and visibility to buyers so they can be sure they are sourcing from genuine local fishers and supporting the local economy. - Jimmy Torchut, Business Development Officer

a powerful solution

Not just countering the threats posed by illegal foreign trawlers, here's how this initiative is making a difference:

Global Market Access: SFS Trace links local fishermen with global buyers, expanding their reach and income.

Transparent Sourcing: SFS Trace's cutting-edge tech allows tracing seafood to its origin, promoting responsible sourcing.

Sustainable Practices: Senegalese fishermen in SFS Trace commit to eco-friendly fishing and international guidelines.

Economic Boost: SFS Trace empowers local fishermen economically by securing fair prices and market access.

/ A Sustainable Future For Our Oceans

This is more than just a lifeline for Senegalese fishermen; it's a testament to their resilience, commitment, and passion for their craft. It empowers them to continue their roles as guardians of the ocean while providing a sustainable, responsible source of seafood for global markets. This project celebrates economic benefit whilfr the region while supporting and protecting the traditions and livelihoods of coastal communities worldwide, ensuring that the oceans that sustain them remain bountiful for generations to come.

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