Kimagro Fishfarming (Cyprus)

European Sea Bream - 10 kg/Case

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Minimum Order Size: 1 Case (10 KG)

Preparation: Whole (Head On)

Raised: Sustainably Farmed

Treatment: Fresh

Delivery method: Direct from producer by air to your doorstep

About The Producer

Kimagro Fishfarming Ltd is a family run aquaculture company founded in 1989 and based in Limassol, Cyprus. Kimagro was the first in Cyprus to research and develop the open-sea fish farming. The company also designed and manufactured a unique feeding platform. The main mission of Kimagro is to produce and distribute sustainably farmed fish that sets the highest standard for freshness, taste and quality, and to provide complete customer satisfaction, starting from the wholesaler and finishing with the home chef.




Know your source:

Your fish is coming from Kimagro Fish Farming, Limassol, Cyprus