East Coast Shellfish (Local)

Dibba Bay Oysters - Sold in Boxes

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Oyster Sizes Available (sold in boxes):
Weight per oyster Quantity per Box
Number 4 45-65g approx 100 Oysters
Number 3 65-85g approx 75 Oysters
Number 2 85-115g approx 50 Oysters

Product Information

Minimum Order Size: 1 Case (Number of Oysters varies based on size)

Preparation: Whole 

Raised: Sustainably Farmed

Treatment: Live

Delivery method: Direct from producer's farm

About The Producer

Dibba Bay Oysters are farmed in the pristine waters of Dibba, Northern Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. We are the first farm in the Middle East growing gourmet oysters locally for our home market. The nutrient rich waters off the Gulf of Oman, combined with our team’s dedication to rear a remarkable product, make Dibba Bay Oysters a world class and distinctive product.

Our locally farmed oysters have a very positive affect on their surroundings, helping to increase bio-diversity and improve the local ecosystem. The UAE currently imports over 80% of its food supply and oysters are no exception. While other oysters sold in the UAE are flown into the country as refrigerated freight, Dibba Bay oysters are transported straight from farm to local market in just a few hours, reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that you get the freshest oysters, straight from the sea to your table.

Our meaty and flavorful oysters have a distinct and delicious taste, and are loaded with protein and vitamins, including B12, zinc and vitamin C. They are particularly nutritious due to their high meat content, low fat and freshness. If you’ve only ever tasted imported oysters, we’d love for you to try Dibba Bay oysters and experience the difference. Support your local farm by buying a world-class gourmet product that’s also good for you!


Know your source:

Your Oysters are coming from East Coast Shellfish, Dibba, Fujairah, UAE